Welcome to Test Valley Brass

Welcome to Test Valley Brass - an organisation dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of live brass band music in Andover and the surrounding area. We are a family of bands catering for all ages and abilities, and perform at a wide range of concerts and events throughout the year.
Senior Band - Consisting of the most experienced players within the group, the Senior Band welcomes players of all abilities and performs at a wide range of engagements from formal concerts, to flower shows, summer fetes, parades, birthday parties and carol services.
Youth Band - Open to brass and percussion players under the age of 19, the Youth Band provides young people with a fun and enjoyable environment to play within a brass band, performing at a range of concerts and fetes throughout the year.
Frosty's - A beginner band which introduces young learners to the art of playing in an ensemble before 'graduating' to the Youth Band (under 19's only).
Senior Academy - A beginner band specifically for adults which introduces complete beginners to playing brass and percussion instruments in an ensemble before 'graduating' to the Senior Band.
10 Piece - A small group of players from the Senior Band who perform as and when a smaller band is required.
More information on each of the bands can be found on the relevant links opposite.
BOOKING THE BAND If you would like TVB to perform at your event, please get in touch via our email address - secretary@testvalleybrass.co.uk
TVB EVENTS Check out our events page to find out where you can next hear one of the bands performing.

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Friends of Test Valley Brass
Test Valley Brass is a voluntary subscription family of bands, which means that each playing member pays a monthly subscription to belong to, and help with the running costs of the bands.
We are always pleased to add more people to our list of 'Friends of Test Valley Brass' and any donation, however large or small is gratefully accepted.
If you would like to support TVB and become a friend, you will enjoy the benefits of early notice of concerts, offers of discounted tickets and receipt of a newsletter, and most importantly you will be helping this successful group to grow.
Interested? e-mail: Friends@testvalleybrass.co.uk

Test Valley Brass AGM
Test Valley Brass is a registered charity and each year, around March or April, it holds an AGM to elect a TVB Committee to manage Test Valley Brass; as well as review the year's bands activities and accounts, which is open for members to ask questions about. The management of this successful group of brass bands, depends on volunteers who are members and their support in maintaining a well run community facility. The TVB bands help to develop young musicians and support local community events, along with giving youngsters, teenagers and adults an opportunity to work as a team, culminating in successful brass band concerts enjoyed by the residents of Andover, and occassionally by residents of Andover's twin towns in Goch in Germany and Redon in France, and this year, in Portugal.
Note: The next AGM is scheduled for Monday 31st march 2014 8pm to be held at John Hanson School, TVB Band Room

Last year's AGM minutes are available to download and are approved by the charity committee. If you require a copy before the meeting, please download from our TVB downloads page.

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